Life is one and many… accept the mistery!

A story-teller. Who constructs herself dreams and then starts out to live them. Likes getting her nose into trouble and then trying to get out of trouble. That’s how she defines travel as well:

“Travelling is the art of turning the trisome of problems, hardships and trouble into a comedy”.

Her life philosophy is “As long as no permanent damage is done, all is fun.” Has done an eastward round-the world tour between July 2001- September 2002.

Then another round-the-world tour between August 2008 – August 2009, this time westward by sea.

A student of hers was telling her of mid-life crisis. She was surprised. How was that possible? Since he was her student, he was younger than her. And she even had not been through a mid-life crisis yet.

Then she started suspecting that her round-the-world tours might have been syndromes of that thing they call mid-life crisis. And they both happened to coincide with economic crisis periods as well. She was planning on getting a flying licence and going around the world by plane too. But for global interests, not to bring about any more crisis, she sacrificed that plan.


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