A portrait of the world we live in

Planet Earth is a big zoo; Countries are the cages where the same kind of human species (Ethiopians, Italians, Brazilians etc.) are gathered; Borders are the fences of those cages to see that we are kept under custody; Governments are our wardens, our owners basically, who have rights over us, imposing rules, regulations and laws way too far into personal lives; Citizenship is the governments’ seal they cauterize us with at birth.
A Passport is “valuable” paper we need to pay for granting us permission to go out our cage; A Visa is the due we have to pay the guardian of the cage we want to visit and to see that we return to our cage when we are temporarily let in on parole. Visas are the racism of our times.
And Money, in the last count, is the tool people use to disguise slavery.”

“But the zoo-cage you are coming from has no agreements with our zoo-cage. Therefore, you will need to bring such and such documents and pay us this amount of money,” they say.
Or they reason like this:
There lives deers, zebras and goats in the European zoo; they would get along. Therefore the European zoo-cages have an agreement with each other. Whereas there are lions in the zoo-cage of Turkey. If you come here, you’d eat us. So we only accept those of you that have been tamed into our zoo-cage. You bring along your vaccination cards, your taming diplomas, if your documents are good enough and if we see fit, we grant you a visa, you may get into our country for some time.
You may substitute other countries or unions for Europe and Turkey and interchange the animals of countries with cats-dogs, cats-rats, birds-worms-caterpillars.

Only when the reality dawns on us that every single person living in all countries are human beings, that we all cry at least once, laugh at least once in life, that our basic needs are the same, only then will borders be abolished. It will perhaps be overnight like the Berlin Wall crumbled, or perhaps it will be slow and gradual.
Bets are on.


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